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surrounded by 93s dover easton and back towards york and hagerstown. excessive heat watch is not only the heat and the humidity, but it's the dew point and those levels above 70. that makes it uncomfortable combining with the afternoon heat to make it feel like 105 to 115 almost each day this week into the weekend. early clouds blowing away. there's the culprit. mount airy. you see the sun on the wide screen sets? you could see it popping behind the trees. don't look because it will burn. and it will be dangerous uv index combined with the humidity and air quality. really poor. 90 by lunchtime and 59 this afternoon. and there will be strong thunderstorms nearby. tonya. >> reporter: sunscreen and sunglasss is my advice. we are doing okay on the beltway. no accidents to report in the last few minutes. let's look to see how it's going. 695 at wilkins. outer lop has most volume. -- loop has most volume. traveling in lake shore, we
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have an accident mountain road eastbound shut down at woods road due to a vehicle that went into a pole. and we have the water main work continuing on west franklin street at academy road. the left turn lane is closed. megan. >> thanks. news time is 6:31. all new this morning, you never want to hear about a cop being shot, but it happened overnight. a baltimore city police officer on routine patrol became the victim of violence. linda so is live this morning at city police head quarters with the details. linda. >> reporter: well, luckily, the officer survived. he was treated and released at shock trauma overnight. he was grazed by a bullet while responding to a call for help. the shooting happened before midnight in the 1100 block of cooks lane in the southwest district of the city. it's a row home community there. police say the 24-year-old officer was responding to a call for a domestic dispute. he got out of his patrol car, started to interview people when he heard gunshots. the cop looked down and saw he
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was grazed in the hip. the officer didn't fire any shots in return and it's unclear who shot at the officer l. it was the people involved in thedomestic dispute. there are no suspects or motivesch the cop is a five- year veteran and 24 years old and works out of the southwest district patrol section. if you in anything about the shooting, please call baltimore city police homicide section at 410-396-2100. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. a drug bust spaning two continents involving a baltimore city police officer who is accused in a heroin organization. the indictment of daniel redd came back yesterday describing him as acting a a drunk ring leader getting the heroin from a supplier in africa. in many cases he was in police uniform armed with his service
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weapon conduct the suspected trance actions at work. >> you have to call the cops on a cop. >> they came out with two boxes. >> redd is in prison and there's a hearing scheduled for friday to determine if he will be released before the trial date. news around the nation this morning, police arrested a second man in connection with a weekend home invasion at the farmhouse of iowa congressman leonard rosswell. officers tracked down the suspect in iowa earlier yesterday. they also arrested another man in connection with the crime. the congressman and his grandson were able to fight off the suspects without getting hurt. the oil spill in yellowstone river almost 3 weeks ago has taken a toll on wildlife and u.s. fish and wildlife service members found a copper hawk covered with oil. the teams are trying to capture close to -- two dozen other animals believed affected by
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this. and one is said to be a bald eying glel a text -- text glsh -- texas rangers are taking no more chainss after two fans fell over the railings and died. they are raying the rails to 42 inches. we will get the video in a moment. this month, a fan at a game died while trying to catch a ball being thrown up into the stands. the rangers are hoping that the design work will be completed within a couple weeks and construction to begin at end of the regular season in september. they are awaiting that for that. in texas the governor rick perry may be the next republican addition to the 2012 presidential candidate list from the gop. his staff says he will make a decision by the end of summer. gop insiders say the pro business governor will score well with both tea party activist as well as conservatives.
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also, that could be announce by the end of the summer. minnesota state government could be opened for business. legislators are working on a 9 point budget bill. the stopage idleed 22,000 employees and suspend lottery sales and some services are vulnerable and shut down miller coors. in the event the overflow of the alcohol for the bars that was one of the things we talked about last week and that was a big surprise for a lot of people because they couldn't get the liquor licenses renewed. stay with us. battling post-traumatic stress disorder. >> that's what veterans face when returning home from the wars. >> stay with us this morning. >> every day is a challenge and every day i strive to find ways to better myself. >> there's an app helping veterans cope. the international custody battle, how jurisdictions is making the difference in the case. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
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i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing every day, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
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now "good morning maryland." these days more and more veterans are returning home from the war and many are changed. >> some of the veterans are suffering from post- traumaticstress i did order -- disorder. >> sherrieionson is live with more on a -- sherrie johnson is live with a app working to help heal them. >> reporter: it's called the post-traumatic stress disorder coach. it is designed to help the growl growing number of veterans with ptsd it helps doctors determine if a person should seek care. and it's available on the iphone, i pad or android phones. it louse you to track -- allows you to track and manage your sip toms and it play as
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favorite song in times of distress and allows you to figure out how to help yourself outside of a doctor's office. it's proactive care a person involved in their own care. >> what we learned from talking to veterans is that they more than anything wanted to have a tool that they could have on their phone that would help them with managing symptoms in the moment when they were stressed. >> reporter: now the app has been down loaded more than 14,000 times in 41 countries since it launched in april. this app doesn't replace professional treatment altogether. let's look at it. here's what you will see on your phone. you press ptsd, and then pagecomes up. let's click on learn. this tells you all the different things about it and click on learn about it. and what is ptsd, how to develop it, how common is it. it will answer the questions andself-assessment. teak assessment test. it ask a number of impies so
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follow the -- questions see follow the screen and answer the questions. managing your symptoms. another list of questions. it talks about a relaxation tool how to keep yourself calm. and you can go to find support. get support right right now. of course, if -- right now. of course if you are in crisis situation call 911 or veteran's crisis line. so lots of good information, very good tool here helping thousands of veterans as they return home from washing. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. their job is to serve and protect at all costs. >> this morning, a boughtmore city cop is a victim of -- baltimore city cop has become a victim of violence. >> reporter: responding to calf help and he was shot. -- to a call of help and he was shot. how the officer is doing this morning. and we are standing by for aing about announcement by governor o'malley over gay
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marriage. the plan he -- the announcement he plans to make. vicious soft wear involving google. and temperatures rising in the midwest and moving towards the mid atlantic. the precautions you need to be aware of. >> 6:42. we are not just talking about temperatures but a lot of numbers. it's going to be about the heat index how your body feels. bob dylan how does it feel? 7 # at the naval academy and feels like 79. the eastern spoant -- 79 at the naval academy and feels like 79 -- 74 at the naval academy and feels like 79.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:45. live pictures from downtown baltimore. pod today's temperatures -- if you take today's temperatures combining with the concrete it will feel like a oven. it's one thing to beat the heat but it's important to recognize when that hot weather
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is getting the best of you. doctors say heat is the most serious time because the body's temperature rises and sweating mechanism fails. one of the ways to decrease the risk is pay attention to what your body is telling you. good advice for today. let's go to justin berk with a check on your forecast. >> that is dangerous one and not the time to be brave or proud. you are going to sweat and we want you to limit the exposure to the weather. if you work outside, plenty of water and frequent breaks. 69 in hereford. darlington big storms overnight. 70. and 74 glen burnie and annapolis and laurel. i created a hash tag and twitter how does it feel? we combined the humidity this morning and feels like 79 at the naval academy. and 77 owings mills and westminster. frederick cooking up to 85. and once that sun gets up, we
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heat up in hurry and will go 90 by lunchtime and showers and storms nearby for the lunch hour into the afternoon the 95 makes it feel like 105 to 110 which is worse than yesterday and it will be worse than that. a cluster of storms out of the great lakes that doesn't immediately impact us. but this flare-up may enhances eastern flow in place and humidity to build up storms heading through the afternoon. nothing looks like it's going to impact us immediately. we have to watch it pop on top and fog will disburse across the mason dixon line. the future radar indicates noon or one we have have a cluster of storms around central maryland to the district of columbia and northern virginia. just an idea of one of the possibilities that developing this. maybe early morning showers in the delmarva and not much in the way of relief beyond that.
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today up to 110. 95 on the thermometer. not a record but it will feel like it. lies lathed vons -- isolated strong tomorrows. # 5 to near 80 downtown --75 to near 80 downtown overnight. 100 or so on friday. it will feel like 115 and we stay in the mid to upper 90s through the weekend. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. -- morning. we are seeing volume between baltimore national pike andfrederick road. near liberty road, the beginning of the slowdown up ahead that starts to slow down. accidents that we are work with right now, there is one in lake shore mountain road shut down eastbound at woods road a vehicle is into a pole there. also, 32 northbound before tridelphia road several vehicles are involved in a accident there. it's 6:48. you hear about violence in baltimore all the time.
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but this morning, it has hit close to home for the baltimore city police department. a office he was shot on cooks lane. linda so is live this morning at the police head quarters with the latest. >> reporter: the officer is 24 and was spoppedding to a domestic dispute when -- responding to a domestic dispute when he was crazed by a bullet. he was treat and released from shock trauma. it happened in the 1100 block of cooks lane in the southwest district. it's row home community. police say the officer was responding to that domestic dispute and got out of his patrol car and interviewed people when he heard several gunshots. the cop looked down and saw he was grazed in the hip. the officer didn't fire shots in return and it's unclear who shot at the officer. if it was the people involved in the domestic dispute. there are no suspects or motive. the cop is a five-year veteran just 24 years old and works on
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the southwest district patrol section. if you know anything please call 410-396-2100. live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. police are questioning aperson in crash that killed a long time baltimore city schoolteacher a suspect stole a car and crashed into heirston's van in the 2200 block of liberty heights. heirston was the director of jazz for the winston band featuring students from winston middle school where he previously taught. one person who wants to fight crimes like these in baltimore city is otis rolley who unveiled his crime prevention plan. the 11 point plan has two unconventional idea. one imposing a $1 tax on each
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bullet purchased. other -- the other reduing the charge of marijuana to a summary offense. 6:51. new this morning, governor o'malley is expected to make a huge announcement on the role he will play with gay marriage. a spokesperson for the governor's office says it announce hent -- says the announcement will come at end of the week. governor o'malley said he would be active in the support of legislation to legalize same sex marriage. today the senate judiciary committee will hold the first congressional hearings on the respect for marriage act which repeals the defense of the marriage act and that wouldgrant married couples including same sex couples, the right to receive federal marriage benefits and protections if they are joined by a valid marriage in the state where marriages are legal. 6500 workers in lockheed martin in maryland are being asked to voluntarily resign. it will be offered to salaried employees and enterprise
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businesses services organization. 2000 of the jobs is based in dc and lockheed is the large of the defense contractor. it's 6:52. one carroll county town will pay a lot more. we are talking 300 more every quarter on their water and sewage bills. in new windsor, 500 water and sewer customers are being forced to cough up more cash. new environmental standards force the town to replace the lagoon system for treating waste water and it cost nearly $5 million. for now, some of the costs will be headed over to residents. it is before they pay extra for each gallon of water that they use. continuing coverage this morning on an international kust by badel -- be battle involving a baltimore county firefighterfighting for custody of his children for more than a year. their mom escaped to trinidad and the u.s. judge granted him custody but the problem is the divorce judge in trinidad is claiming jurisdictions in this
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case. we are seven minutes away from seven right nowch the arguing could be over for now. the house passed a tea party backed bill that would slice federal spending by $4 trillion cutting the deficit over the next 10 years. but it clause 1 trillion dollar boost in revenue critics label a tax increase. moody investor service says it probably will lower the credit ratings of five states and that includes here in maryland if the downgrades happen. the u.s. government's credit rating. credit rating agencies place on review for powell downgrades the aa bond ratings of maryland, new mexico, south care line arks tennessee and virginia. -- carolina, tennessee and virginia. it tells investors an institutional borrower presents a minimum risk. the players union reviewedportions of the proposed deal to enter the lockout. but they have not voted.
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a full agreement has not been reached and that could happen tomorrow. representatives from all 32 teams will arrive in washington today. owners meet tomorrow andn atlanta and that could be a vote and if so, the deal will be done and football would be back. well, if you want to get to fort mchenry you have to got long way. construction on the bridge in locust point is expected to begin in august a meeting was held last night to address questions neighbors had about the detours and construction. it's expected to take nine months to complete the project so until it's done, we will have to take key highway if you want to get to the fort. google is looking into a outbreak of malicious software and noticed some unusual search traffic and discovered computers had been infected with malware users with infected computers will see a big notification saying your computer appears to be infected at the top of the google web search results.
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you can follow a link to fix the problem by running a scan and updating your antivirus software. fivements away from 7. if you see more of the low flying planes on your compute to work. don't be alarmed. nasa continuing low level flights over the baltimore washington traffic core door to improve the ability to measure air quality. they will be at it again today from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. flight path will go over the baltimore-washington parkway. all right. it's an incredible ride. that's what commander christopher ferguson said this morning about atlantis final flight the last space shuttle flight is ending with atlantis leaving the international space station for a flight home and all that remains is the predawn touchdown thursday back home in florida. all right. it may be about the ugliest fishin the world and they are back. researchers from the smithsonian pulled a snakehead out of the river in anne
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arundel countych they thought the salt water would keep it in the potomac but that's not the case and there's concern there could be even more of those snakeheads out there. dnr are concerned about them spreading and put a bounty on the fish. if you catch one, you could win a number of prizes. >> something to keep in mind. but today would be a better day to be one of the fish and be in the water. >> as my mother said i am going to look like that fish when it gets that hot. >> never want to look like that that snakehead. >> we are pushing upper 90s. feeling like 105to 115 this afternoon. through the weekend i. think the hottest of the stretch will be on friday with a good shot of hitting 100. it's not records but it will feel like it. maybe storms as we head into the weekend and try to pull this back. but, yuck. >> miss pool lady. >> reporter: i have to find a
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pool. >> i can't believe no one has written in. >> reporter: any of my friend, i will be there. >> i have a kiddy pool. >> reporter: i will do it. >> come on over. see you later.
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